About Us

ACPA was established in 2006 at St. Catherine’s Primary School and have since then been known for our friendly & caring family environment. Our inaugural concert ‘Around the World’ was very successful and since then, with each year, our ACPA family has grown into what it is today

In 2007 classes were held at 3 locations. The 2007 concert ‘The Wild West’ was performed at Cranbourne Community Theatre, with overwhelming response.
In 2008, 17 ACPA students completed dance examinations with an 100% pass rate. The 2008 concert ‘Pirate Daze’ was spectacular.
During 2009, classes were held at 4 prominent Berwick locations. We were also invited to perform in an Amateur Theatre company’s performance. The 2009 concert ‘Clowning Around’ wow’ed the full house audience.
In 2010 ACPA students performed in Cinderella and HONK with amateur theatre groups, completed SFD Exams and performed a Drama/Singing concert. The 2010 concert ‘Time Warp’ was such a hit, and had 8 students received 5 year awards.

2011 was a very busy year again – ACPA students performed in two Amateur shows, a variety of local primary school fetes, SFD exams with 100% pass rate, a GLEE and Drama Concert and our thrilling 2011 concert ‘Square Eyes’ with 9 students receiving 5 year awards.
2012 was an amazing year with new teachers, success in competitions, an 100% exam pass rate, local performances, ACPA holiday program launch and brilliant performances. Our 2012 concert ’My Name in Lights’ had a magnificent soundtrack and performers to match. 23 students received 5 year awards!
2013 was a big year for the dance school. As well as choreographic competitions, external competitions, local performances, 100% exam pass rate, holiday program and our phenomenal 2013 concert ‘Shrinking Violet’ with 21 students receiving 5 year trophies, we moved into our very own studio @ 10 Intrepid Street.
2014 was yet another wonderful year at ACPA. Our 2014 concert ‘Green Envy’ was such a success, and had 19 students receive 5 year awards.

Andrea Catherine Performing Arts (ACPA) is committed to child safety. Our dance studio wants children to be safe,
feel happy and empowered. You can find more information about this by clicking here. If you’d like a copy of our policy, please click here to download