Tap – An energetic style making beats and rhythms.

Jazz – A fun class to modern music, improve agility, coordination, rhythm, fitness and strength.

Ballet – A graceful and romantic style of dance. Structured exercises and combinations to strengthen posture, grace, musicality and flexibility.

Hip Hop – Fast paced class increases cardiovascular fitness, Using the latest dance music and moves.

Musical Theatre – Inspired by the hit TV show GLEE. Learn to sing, dance and improve performance skills.

Contemporary – Contemporary dance can be performed to any style of music works with the natural alignment of the body, accessible for       beginners.

Acrobatics – Development of core strength, balance and flexibility, stunts and tumbling leading to aerials.

Baby star – A fun class for the little ones that just can’t wait to start   moving. Dance, song and play to all their favourite tunes. A great introduction to body coordination and movement to music.

Preschool – Intro to tap, jazz and ballet in one class, with an emphasis on individual development and enjoyment.

Primary TBJ—A combination class including Tap, Ballet and Jazz, especially for the budding performers who love to dance. Prep age students.

Drama – Designed to improved self confidence, imagination, expression of emotion, concentration, problem solving whilst having FUN!

Private Singing – Aimed at all aged boys or girls who want to learn scales, breathing exercises and songs in different styles and genres.

Private Dance – For students who need extension for exams or competition rehearsal.

Exam Conditioning – An overall technique class to build dancers strength, core stability, turnout, posture & readiness for exams. Students in Level 5 Exam classes and above must partake in this class.

Elites – ACPA’s Performance group, Tap, Jazz, Neo classical, Contemporary and National. Entry is by successful audition ONLY. Students will compete in competitions across Melbourne and at other local performances.

Crew – ACPA’s HIP HOP Crew, entry by successful audition ONLY. Students will compete in competitions across Melbourne and at other local performances.

Level Explanation

Exam Stream Classes

Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) exam syllabus, is recognised Australia wide. Exams give the students recognition from a professional institution of their progress. SFD has a full syllabus for Tap, Jazz and Ballet from beginner through to professional and teaching certificates. The Exam Stream classes focus on students completing examinations in July. Successful completion of previous exams is required to participate in these classes. The appropriate age for beginning level 1 is 6-7 years. It is also compulsory for Exam students Level 5 and above to do the Exam conditioning class.

Open Stream Classes

The Open Stream classes are for students who do not want to partake in examinations but still love to dance and want to have a great time in their classes. Open stream classes are based on age and ability and there are no pre-requisites for entry into these classes. Open classes are divided into the following age groups, and at the discretion of the teacher.

Baby: 2-3 year olds
Primary: Grade Prep students aged 5-6 years old.
Sub Junior: Grade 3-4 Students aged 9-10 years old.
Intermediate: Grade 6-7 Students aged 12-13 years old.
Senior: Years 11 and above Students aged 16 +

Preschool: 3-4 year olds.
Beginner: Grade 1-2 Students aged 7-8 years old.
Junior: Grade 5-6 Students aged 10-12 years old.
Sub Senior: Year 8-10 Students aged 14-16 years old.
Adult: Adults aged 18 years and over.